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The collection of regions in Ireland where Irish Gaelic is spoken as a native language.

[Irish Gaelic, from Gael, a Gael; see Gael.]


(ˈɡɛːltəxt) or


(Placename) any of the regions in Ireland in which Irish Gaelic is the vernacular speech. The form Gaeltacht is sometimes also used to mean the region of Scotland in which Scottish Gaelic is spoken. See also Gaidhealtachd
[C20: from Irish Gaelic]
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The SlE[degrees] na Gaeltachta app provides an interactive platform for people to immerse themselves in the Gaeltacht Quarter.
The Kerry legend (right) transferred from his native An Gaeltacht to Nemo earlier this year, having been resident in Cork for a number of years.
JUNIOR Gaeltacht Minister Joe McHugh has been urged to secure 40 jobs at Aer Arann.
Their shared interest in the Donegal Gaeltacht during the revivalist period, and their use of fiction to explore and represent it, provide their readers with a remarkable insight into the changing ideologies of twentieth-century Ireland, and particularly Irish-Ireland, touching on broad issues that are linguistic, cultural, political, gendered, and spatial.
O'Leary's study documents in extraordinary detail the paradigms which before them had dominated the discourse: those which idealized the Irish past, sentimentalized its present, or elegized the surviving Gaeltacht.
The Archaeological Institute of America - Worcester Society will offer an illustrated talk that covers several of Ireland's archaeological wonders along its rugged West Coast, including Neolithic tombs, stone ring forts, mysterious beehive structures, sunken churches and sacred wells along the Dingle Peninsula, the Burren and two islands off the coast - all part of the Gaeltacht region.
A YOUNG girl who had been visiting the Donegal Gaeltacht was last night being treated in hospital after she was sexually assaulted near a GAA club.
Some years ago I visited the Gaeltacht to study the State's fossilisation of Irish in a kind of linguistic museum, down the country's Western seaboard, remote from Dublin and the real world.
Tenders are invited for the department of arts, heritage and the gaeltacht (dahg) is responsible for the conservation of natural habitats and species and the protection of biological diversity in ireland.
In an interview on Fine Gaelgeoir, the Taoiseach said he appointed Joe McHugh as Minister of State with responsibility for Gaeltacht affairs because he'd "been around for a while".
Junior Minister Joe McHugh said: "This decision shows the Government's commitment to consolidating employment in areas such as An Clochan Liath in order to sustain viable, rural communities and, in particular, to support the Irish language as the community language in a strong Gaeltacht area.