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(Swedish ˈjɛːvlə)
(Placename) a port in E Sweden, on an inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia. Pop: 92 025 (2004 est)


(ˈyeɪv lɛ)

a seaport in E Sweden. 87,378.
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Krzywicki had played in the first tour game, a 2-1 defeat by Gaevle in which Frank Worthington scored.
Birka Kraft has awarded contracts for power station servicing work to Malerigruppen i Gaevle AB, Turab, Sven Linde Bygg AB and Birka Service AB.
According to Staffan Fors, director-fluff pulp at Stora Cell, Gaevle, Sweden, "While there has been a stagnation in fluff pulp demand recently due to the increased usage of SAP's, demand in emerging markets is benefiting our business.