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Jade Bird, The Blinders, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Sorry, Sam Fender, Billie Marten, Matt Maltese, Saint Phnx and Stereohoney also join the line-up.
But North Wales Police have now confirmed that was not the case after their inquiries revelaed gaffa tape was used to repair a cloth muzzle which the dog was wearing when the photos were taken in Llanrhos, near Llandudno.
The court heard that the men also had two black balaclavas, eight gloves, a hose pipe, a roll of black bin bags and gaffa tape.
But if you'd rather tour the world than go round in circles, then you'll need a reliable motorcycle, Gaffa tape (always handy
and then I'll pause and wait for the Director General, Mark Thomson, to come storming down into the room by way of a fireman's pole brandishing a roll of gaffa tape to slap over my mouth and, just as he does, I'll continue '.
You can end up saying, "There's a nice box and some tin foil and gaffa tape and stick a few empty beer cans in there and that looks like a robot.
The intruders had a crowbar wrested from them, and left behind a black glove, forensically linked to Ho, and some gaffa tape.
In a bid of desperation Gav has reached for the Gaffa tape and my teddy's nappy has only one leg hole.
Or perhaps she's bagged a role in Bob the Builder given her get-up seems to be held together with neon gaffa tape.
So that's a hunting knife, balaclava, three metres of Gaffa tape and an imitation Luger.