Gaius Flaminius

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Noun1.Gaius Flaminius - Roman statesman and general who built the Flaminian Way; died when he was defeated by Hannibal (died 217 BC)
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In order to avoid anti-Hannibal sentiments in his anticipated attack against the city of Rome, Hannibal tried not to attack the common people and unarmed peasants, but Rome sent the newly appointed consuls Gaius Flaminius to station their troops in the two war-fronts leading to the main city of Rome.
When he passed through the marshland, Gaius Flaminius was shocked because he had no idea that Hannibal could lead Carthaginian army along that path so soon in his left-wing.
The army under the command of Consul Gaius Flaminius blundered too close to the marshy verge of the lake, where the footing was soft.

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