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(mē-sē′nəs, mĭ-), Gaius 70?-8 bc.
Roman politician and patron of Horace and Virgil.


1. (Biography) Gaius (ˈɡaɪəs). ?70–8 bc, Roman statesman; adviser to Augustus and patron of Horace and Virgil
2. (Art Terms) a wealthy patron of the arts


(miˈsi nəs, maɪ-)

1. Gaius Cilnius, c70–8 B.C., Roman statesman: friend and patron of Horace and Virgil.
2. a generous patron, esp. of art or literature.


nMaecenas m; (fig)Mäzen m
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Augustus' sense of how critical the control of information was to one intending to preserve his power was confirmed by renowned patron of the arts Gaius Maecenas, who reportedly advised the emperor to hire for this vital state service "persons who are to keep eyes and ears open to anything which affects his supremacy.
Gaius Maecenas of Rome built the first heated swimming pool in the first century BC
Through Gaius Maecenas, one of Octavian's principal political advisers, Horace came to Octavian's notice.

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