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n. Greek Mythology
A maiden who was originally a statue carved by Pygmalion and who was brought to life by Aphrodite in answer to the sculptor's pleas.


A durable, often striped cotton fabric used in making clothing.

[After the Galatea, , a 19th-century English warship (from the fabric's use for children's sailor suits).]


(Textiles) a strong twill-weave cotton fabric, striped or plain, for clothing
[C19: named after the man-of-war HMS Galatea (the fabric was at one time in demand for children's sailor suits)]


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a statue of a maiden brought to life by Aphrodite in response to the prayers of the sculptor Pygmalion, who had fallen in love with his creation


(ˌgæl əˈti ə)

the woman brought to life by Aphrodite from the ivory statue carved by Pygmalion.
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Noun1.Galatea - (Greek mythology) a maiden who was first a sculpture created by Pygmalion and was brought to life by Aphrodite in answer to Pygmalion's prayersGalatea - (Greek mythology) a maiden who was first a sculpture created by Pygmalion and was brought to life by Aphrodite in answer to Pygmalion's prayers
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Their names were Isis, Amphitrite, Hebe, Pandora, Psyche, Thetis, Pomona, Daphne, Clytie, Galatea and Arethusa.
There were Glauce, Thalia and Cymodoce, Nesaia, Speo, Thoe and dark-eyed Halie, Cymothoe, Actaea and Limnorea, Melite, Iaera, Amphithoe and Agave, Doto and Proto, Pherusa and Dynamene, Dexamene, Amphinome and Callianeira, Doris, Panope, and the famous sea-nymph Galatea, Nemertes, Apseudes and Callianassa.
Galatea never does quite like Pygmalion: his relation to her is too godlike to be altogether agreeable.
Those gazing into its waters were watched over by the legendary bronzes Neptune, Amphitrite, Aces and Galatea, who adorn the castiron masterpiece, which is surmounted by a mermaid.
Blanca como la nieve", Galatea parece viva, alerta y "deseosa de moverse".
has never been anything but a Galatea to his Pygmalion, and she needs more of her own life, not just a life she shares with Rick in his books.
The story of Pygmalion and Galatea was first made famous by Ovid, long before the modern adaptions -- Educating Rita, Pretty Woman and, of course, My Fair Lady -- which we know so well.
Her topics are dimensions of knowing: a theoretical framework, spaces of knowing: Plowing the Dark, bodies of knowing: Galatea 2.
Handel's take on the Greek myth of Acis and Galatea received a refreshingly twenty-first century approach by re:Naissance Opera and Sound the Alarm: Music/Theatre at the Annex Theatre in downtown Vancouver on September 16.
Cheska Inigo, who played Galatea in the 2005 version and Maika in the 2016 version; Ruru Madrid, who plays Ybarro/Ybrahim in the remake; and Gabbi Garcia, who breathes life to Alena in the current series, showed up and met with some of the original cast members of the show.
Tel 07766 066693, email jack89518@ Tommo ) Thompson, ex RN radio operator/leading radio operator who served onboard HMS Galatea 1969-1971.
The goddess Aphrodite rose from the sea foam near Paphos and took pity on Pygmalion by bringing to life his statue of the beautiful Galatea - their son was Paphos.