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 (găl′brāth′), John Kenneth 1908-2006.
Canadian-born American economist, writer, and diplomat who served as US ambassador to India (1961-1963). His works include The Affluent Society (1958).


(Biography) John Kenneth. 1908–2006, US economist and diplomat born in Canada; author of The Affluent Society (1958), The New Industrial State (1967), and The Culture of Contentment (1992)
Galˈbraithian adj


(ˈgæl breɪθ)

John Kenneth, born 1908, U.S. economist, born in Canada.
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Noun1.Galbraith - United States economist (born in Canada) who served as ambassador to India (born in 1908)
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The secret of Jane Galbraith and the cursed entry in the day-book closed his mouth.
Galbraith was seen prostrate on the floor at a little distance from the others.
The Crown said Scott Galbraith led the chain and "had a wider role in the management of the business".
Blonde Galbraith, who wore a dark suit and lilac jumper, looked relieved as she was led away from the dock to begin her sentence at Cornton Vale prison in Stirling.
John Kenneth Galbraith is one of the few who can truly lay claim to the mantle of "public intellectual.
In this century, few names evoke more ire in free market circles than those of John Kenneth Galbraith and Ralph Nader.
It's the people that are the main asset,'' Galbraith said.
According to performance tests conducted by Rob Galbraith, a renowned photojournalist and industry consultant, the Extreme and Ultra II cards earned the fastest speed rating in the majority of cameras actively being tested including the Canon EOS-1D Mark II, which can record 8.
DANNY GALBRAITH once kept all-star company at Manchester United - before injuries wrecked his hopes of making the grade at Old Trafford.
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That offensive, green-lighted by Galbraith (at the time U.