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n. pl. Galibi or Ga·li·bis
1. A member of the Carib people of French Guiana.
2. The language of the Galibi.

[Carib, strong man, Galibi; see cannibal.]


npl -bi or -bis
1. (Peoples) a member of an American Indian people of French Guiana
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Carib family
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Galibi is situated in the estuary zone of the Marowijne River and plays a key role in the conservation of Leatherback and Green Seaturtles; the Galibi beaches are the largest nesting sites for leatherbacks.
On this point he had to agree with the local Galibi Indians, who called Paria "Barohui enetale", i.
The ethnic composition of the population is comprised, roughly, of Creoles (36%), Haitians (26%), Europeans (10%, mostly French), Brazilians (8%), Surinamese (4%), Amerindians (4%, Galibis, Wayampis-Oyampis, Wayanas, Palikours, Arawak, and Emerillons), Hong Kong Chinese (3%), British Guyanese (2.