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(Placename) a port in E Scotland, in SE Fife on the Firth of Forth. Pop: 46 912 (2001)


(kərˈkɔl di, -ˈkɔ di, -ˈkɑ-)

a city in SE Fife, in E Scotland, on the Firth of Forth. 147,963.
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They were made at the Fife Pottery at Gallatown in Kirkcaldy from about 1883 to 1930 by an Austrian immigrant, Karel Nekola.
Locals say most of the violence involves the Dysart Young Team and rivals from nearby Gallatown.
Their picture was snapped on October 6, 1963, in the crude dressing room at the old Carlton cinema in the Gallatown area of Kirkcaldy.