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 (găl′əp), George Horace 1901-1984.
American public-opinion analyst. Through his techniques of polling the public, he accurately predicted the outcome of the 1936 presidential election. Gallup polls have been used regularly ever since.


(Biography) George Horace. 1901–84, US statistician: devised the Gallup Poll; founded the American Institute of Public Opinion (1935) and its British counterpart (1936)


(ˈgæl əp)

George Horace, 1901–84, U.S. statistician.
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Noun1.Gallup - a town in northwestern New Mexico near the Arizona border
Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, NM - a state in southwestern United States on the Mexican border
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This is the highest index score since Gallup began measuring employees' perceptions of job creation at their workplaces in 2008.
Regions Bank (NYSE: RF) has been named a winner of the 2015 Gallup Consulting Great Workplace Award.
According to Gallup, these statements had proven links to workplace performance outcomes.
Gallup research shows that when people use their talents they can learn a role faster and adapt to variance in the role more quickly.
Ironically, after Cannon had done the deed and Gallup had been awarded the contract, Gallup decided that it might get into trouble for hiring him and withdrew the job offer.
The popularity of beer rose within the Gallup category that includes men 21-34; Gallup reports that within the below 34 age group, 45 percent of respondents preferred beer compared to 39 percent in 2011.
Gallup and Purdue developed the index to examine the long-term success of graduates as they pursue a good job and a better life.
In mid-October, Gallup released its report, "Less Than Half of Americans Support Stricter Gun Laws" (see Industry News, page 10).
Gallup recently reissued the results of a poll it took last year around the world to measure happiness.
In a statement, the newspaper said that for 2013, USA Today and Gallup have made a mutual decision to move in different directions.
In that section of the country Obama is trailing Romney by a significant 22 points among likely voters, a big enough gap for Gallup to conclude the president is behind in the national vote.
Building on Gallup's seminal work in the field of Muslim studies, the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center (ADGC) will offer unmatched research on the attitudes and aspirations of Muslims around the world.