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A city of southeast Texas south-southeast of Houston on Galveston Island at the entrance to Galveston Bay, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. Founded by French pirates in 1816, it grew as a port in the mid-1800s.


(ˈgæl və stən)

a seaport in SE Texas, on an island at the mouth of Galveston Bay. 56,720.
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Noun1.Galveston - a town in southeast Texas on Galveston Island
Lone-Star State, Texas, TX - the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
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Now the communications with Florida are difficult, while the coast of Texas offers the bay of Galveston, which possesses a circumference of fourteen leagues, and is capable of containing the navies of the entire world
A pretty notion truly," replied the papers in the interest of Florida, "that of Galveston bay
An operations manager with USACE Galveston District s Navigation Branch, Seth Jones, said, "The GIWW is an essential component of the nation's navigation network extending for 1,109 miles from Appalachee Bay Florida to Port Isabel Texas.
With Carnival Breeze, Carnival Liberty and Carnival Freedom, Galveston will be home to three of the line's most innovative ships offering the widest array of cruise durations and itineraries to top destinations in Mexico, Belize, Isla Roatan and The Bahamas.
at Saengerfest Park, located at 2302 Strand in Galveston, TX.
People in Galveston, who are already said to be paying high insurance rates, could have to pay more when new rules come into play soon.
After months of back-and-forth with the General Land Office over details related to rebuilding 529 public housing units, the Galveston City Council voted to adhere to terms set by the land office.
Our address may have changed, but our dedication to the residents of Galveston County has not faltered," said Mike McAfee, Vice President of Marketing for Del Papa Distributing Co.
Once installed, the meteorological towers will help gather data to determine exactly where the 150-MW wind energy development will be built on an 11,355-acre lease about seven miles off the coast of Galveston Island.
As the crew rushed aboard the submarine before 10,000 spectators at the Port of Galveston, two F/A-18 Hornets roared across the sky, followed by a formation of three World War II-era Navy warplanes.
GBB has the option to sell pure biodiesel or biodiesel blended with off-road or on-road diesel into marine, commercial, trucking and industrial markets in the Galveston and Houston metro areas.
Although UTMB is a mile inland in Galveston, the installation was complicated by sandy soil and high tides, which caused the trench that was being dug for the bollards to fill up with saltwater every day.

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