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A city of west-central Ireland on Galway Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Galway was incorporated in the late 1300s and is today an important industrial and tourist center.


1. (Placename) a county of W Republic of Ireland, in S Connacht, on Galway Bay and the Atlantic: it has a deeply indented coastline and many offshore islands, including the Aran Islands. County town: Galway. Pop: 209 077 (2002). Area: 5939 sq km (2293 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a port in W Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Galway, on Galway Bay: important fisheries (esp for salmon). Pop: 66 163 (2002)
3. (Breeds) a breed of sheep with long wool, originally from W Ireland. Former name: Roscommon


(ˈgɔl weɪ)

1. a county in S Connaught, in W Republic of Ireland. 171,836; 2293 sq. mi. (5940 sq. km).
2. its county seat: a seaport in the W part. 47,104.
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Noun1.Galway - a port city in western Ireland on Galway BayGalway - a port city in western Ireland on Galway Bay
Eire, Ireland, Irish Republic, Republic of Ireland - a republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921
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Tis easier to get colts from a Kibbereen horse-fair into Galway than to take a bad draf' over ten miles av counthry.
He's a Galway man inhabitin' South Boston, where they all live mostly, an' mostly them Galway men are good in a boat.
Takes to ut like a duck to water," said Long Jack, a grizzly- chinned, long-lipped Galway man, bending to and fro exactly as Manuel had done.
The speaker was even larger than the Galway man, and his face was made curious by a purple cut running slantways from his left eye to the right corner of his mouth.
I tell you, sir, a foreigner, or, for the matter of that, an unaccredited native, can't get within four miles of Lydd nowadays --not to mention our little circus at Aldershot, and the experimental camp in Galway.
Contrary winds first put us to the northward, and we were obliged to put in at Galway, in Ireland, where we lay wind-bound two-and-twenty days; but we had this satisfaction with the disaster, that provisions were here exceeding cheap, and in the utmost plenty; so that while we lay here we never touched the ship's stores, but rather added to them.
It is understood O'Shea, who managed Tipperary from 2013 until stepping aside following the All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Galway in August, has been lined up by prospective new Tribes boss Michael Donoghue.
If Galway can play it to the same tempo of the last few games, they can do it.
IT was a huge day for Laois hurling when they shocked Offaly in the Leinster quarterfinal but beating Offaly is one thing, beating GaLway is another, and they could be in for a long evening in front of the Sky Sports cameras this evening.
Galway County Council and Galway City Council have now completed the joint acquisition of the site formerly known as Galway Airport.
Galway has many places of interest to visit like the peaceful Connemara National Park and the remote Aran Islands with events like the Galway Races, from July 29-August 4 and the Clarenbridge International Oyster Festival, from September 13-15.
BSA founder Benjamin Schlesinger, PhD, will continue to serve as president of BSA, and will join the Galway Group management team as a Managing Director and partner.