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An Indonesian orchestra composed mainly of tuned percussion instruments such as bamboo xylophones, wooden or metal chimes, and gongs.

[Javanese, from Old Javanese gamĕlan, percussion instrument, ensemble of percussion instruments, from gamĕl, to play a percussion instrument.]


(Music, other) a type of percussion orchestra common in the East Indies
[from Javanese]


(ˈgæm əˌlæn, -lən)

an Indonesian orchestra consisting of bowed stringed instruments, flutes, and a great variety of percussion instruments.
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Noun1.gamelan - a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically including many tuned percussion instruments including bamboo xylophones and wooden or bronze chimes and gongs
ensemble - a group of musicians playing or singing together; "a string ensemble"
Dutch East Indies, Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia - a republic in southeastern Asia on an archipelago including more than 13,000 islands; achieved independence from the Netherlands in 1945; the principal oil producer in the Far East and Pacific regions
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Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 5603 Bull Valley Road in McHenry, will present what is probably the first-ever performance of Indonesian Gamelan music in McHenry County on Sunday, March 18 at 10:45 am as part of their Celebrating Life and Community through Music worship series.
A local graduate student studying at San Diego State University and his Balinese colleague gave a presentation on Balinese culture, complete with films, a demonstration of gamelan music and two masked dances.
Ou by Cypriot composer Andys Skordis, written in the Cypriot dialect and executed by nine musicians together with electronic elements and pre-recorded Gamelan music.
He begins with a description of the first large-scale North American encounter with the cultures of Java through the Sundanese gamelan music performed at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, then explores episodes in the lives of each individual that were most affected by images of Java and their significance for their self-fashioning, including the difference between their actual experiences and their representations.
She holds degrees in classical piano performance and ethnomusicology and has performed in Balinese gamelan music concerts throughout the Washington, D.
In this study, he draws on his academic background in ethnomusicology to explore the complex relationship between the gamelan music of Java (Indonesia) and the West.
The Planet Gamelan festival, held in 1993 at Dartmouth College, included performances ranging from traditional Balinese and Javanese gamelan music to contemporary compositions by Indonesian and US-American composers.
Anyone listening to marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, or gamelan music knows, instinctively, that the human species is capable of irenic coexistence.
Batik arose at royal courts, where, along with gamelan music and theatre, it ranked among the fine arts.
Betty studied Balinese gamelan music and I made drawings of everything I saw.
The Song of Miriam," in which strings and mallet percussion orbit each other in perpetual musical motion, is one of the most beautiful things I've heard in a long time: a wondrous bit of clockwork whose cyclical perfection recalls Balinese gamelan music.
But as we know from the example of Debussy, strongly influenced by authentic Javanese gamelan music, the Exposition could serve as more than mere entertainment.