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Noun1.Ganapati - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecyGanapati - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy; the god who removes obstacles
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Summary: Mumbai [India], Aug 27 (ANI): With eco-friendly Ganpati idols making a trend, a Ganapati idol made of snow has emerged as a major attraction in Mumbai during the Ganeshotsava celebration.
The only study found to compare school-based screening with other settings for active case finding of leprosy in school age children was by Ganapati in 1977.
An ardent worshipper of Ganapati, Bajaj has created geometrical and sharp structures of the deity, along with a few paintings in her upcoming solo show by the same name.
4 May 2015 - UK-based black check company Ganapati has entered an agreement to acquire UK-based online casino business operator WinLogic plc, the company said.
I am Ganapati bappa's bhakt and I also insisted that Kareena come with me this time," the director was quoted saying by the IANS.
Hours after the Shiv Sena organizsd a rally of its party workers in the city, informed party sources said that the Sena had decided not to join the September 20 bandh, as it would inconvenience the people during the Ganapati festivities, beginning on September 19.
The GPS system, during the Ganapati Visarjan enables the Police to track vehicles carrying idols, 'geo-fence' these vehicles to ensure they do not deviate from their designated path.
Ganapati said the three boys were asked to stop by G.
His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sacchidananda Swamiji was guest of honour at the Civic Centre of Lord Mayor Coun George Douglas yesterday.
Spiritual leader Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, considered a divine guide in India, will be welcomed in Newcastle next Friday by the city's Lord Mayor, George Douglas.
So, for example, the discussion of the deity's attributes is interspersed with imaginary dialogue ("He said," "She said") designed to aid the reader in following in the footsteps of Ganapati.