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Noun1.Ganapati - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecyGanapati - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy; the god who removes obstacles
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Ganapati, Sukumar, and Liguang Liu (2009), "Sustainable Development in the Clean Development Mechanism: The Role of Designated National Authority in China and India.
Ganapati said the three boys were asked to stop by G.
Religion works in India because we make it so much fun, whether it be the worship of Ganapati Bappa Moriya in the west or Ma Durga in the east.
The richest can be regularly seen enjoying a vada pav (Mumbai's signature snack) from the roadside for 40 fils and the poorest taking delight in his household's Ganapati festival celebrations.
Peter Jager, Natural History Museum Senckenberg, for introducing MS to curators of various Natural History Museums; Suresh Kumar, Wildlife Institute of India, for commenting on the first draft of this paper; Saroj Behera and Ganapati Sahu, for their assistance during field work; Prof.
We grew up on a staple diet of pujas, religious ceremonies that celebrated everything from Ganapati Puja to Janmasthami and Ramnavami.
At Gurgi (Rewa), another monastery was erected by Prashantashiva (dates not known) and images of Uma, Uma-Maheshvara, Kartikeya, Ganapati and Sarasvati were installed.
The festival is very special to me, we will keep Ganapati at home for five days and during this period I am expecting at least 200 people, friends and others who we know to visit us.
Meanwhile, in Bangalore special worship was organised at the Dodda Ganapati temple.
The temple festivals provided a community gathering for producing plays which were meant to be part worship, part entertainment - an aspect still evident from the elaborate prayers to Ganapati at the opening of the plays.
Attendees will also be privileged to hear a panel of top-tier investors discuss fund-raising strategies over lunch, moderated by Priya Ganapati, Staff Writer for Wired Digital, the online arm of the Wired magazine.
23) Ganapati Mudur states, "More than 300 doctors have been prosecuted in India for violating a 12 year old law that prohibits doctors from disclosing the sex of a fetus to parents, but only four have been convicted.