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npl -das or -da
1. (Peoples) a member of the Buganda people of Uganda, whose kingdom was formerly the largest in E Africa. See also Luganda
2. (Languages) the Luganda language of this people


(ˈgæn də, ˈgɑn-)

n., pl. -das, (esp. collectively) -da.
1. Also, Muganda. a member of an African people who as a group comprised the kingdom of Buganda.
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Tenders are invited for Repairing/Widening/Bricklining Of Ganda Nullah (Portion) Near Gt Road/67 Engrs.
Ganda Singh Wala/Kasur police had registered a total of 31 cases in connection with the Kasur child abuse scandal against 20 accused.
The prosecution submitted challans of FIRs 212/15 and 218/15 registered with Ganda Singh Wala (Kasur) police station, before ATC-IV Judge Chaudhry Mohammad Ilyas.
He said that flow of water at Ganda Singhwala is 61824 cusecs (19.
The Ganda Boys announce the launch of their third album, Mountains of the Moon, featuring a unique blend of African fusion music and collaborations with worldwide artists.
The show will also include Vice Ganda lookalike Daniel Aliermo.
The legendary Fela Kuti features, as do delights rescued from 78rpm obscurity such as Steve Rhodes, Ginger Folorunso Johnson & His Afro-Cuban Band, and Lord Ganda & Rupert Nurse's Calypso Band.
Although Waswa lived far from court, a young man could not fail to find himself on one side of Ganda politics or another.
Little wonder a bewildered, angry electorate can so easily buy into the dangerous propa ganda of fear sounded by Ukip.
1m, offset by the incremental GandA costs from the merger with Hego.
Zimbabwe: Erimon Maundu, Sector Manager, Large Client Office Section, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority; Errol Hove, Chief Accountant, Zimasco Private; Willie Ganda, Director of Research Development and Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology Development.
Entertainment is the best way for the Filipino community here to have fun, de-stress and make them feel like they are back home even for few hours, as we witnessed in the past when be brought some of Manila's big names in the entertainment scene including comedians Vice Ganda, K Brosas and Rufa Mae Quinto and Filipina international singer Charice Pempengco, Ci organiser Taha told Qatar Tribune.