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npl -das or -da
1. (Peoples) a member of the Buganda people of Uganda, whose kingdom was formerly the largest in E Africa. See also Luganda
2. (Languages) the Luganda language of this people


(ˈgæn də, ˈgɑn-)

n., pl. -das, (esp. collectively) -da.
1. Also, Muganda. a member of an African people who as a group comprised the kingdom of Buganda.
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According to the prosecution, Ganda Singhwala police registered FIR No 248 against the accused for sexually assaulting children in 2015.
Contract notice: Surveillance and security services in the centers dependent on the departments of ganda, Marina baixa and sagunto, And the integral maintenance of the alarm and protection systems
Ethel Booba and Rufa Mae Quinto brought the laughs in the latest episode of 'Gandang Gabi Vice' to the point that host Vice Ganda even took a backseat to their banter.
KASUR -- Ganda Singh Wala police claimed to have held two men accused of abusing a 14-year-old boy here the other day.
The full trailer of Bagani showed a sneak peek of the love story of Lakas (Enrique) and Ganda (Liza) in an island called San Sinukob.
Zakaullah Khan Ganda Pur drive of Recovery of dues, had been geared up Pesco team recovered Rs.
To the south-east of Lahore is the Ganda Singh-Hussainiwala border post, which is the combined name of two neighbouring villages one on each side of the Pakistan-India border.
LAHORE: Pakistani flag was hoisted on a 200 feet high tower at the Ganda Singh Wala border, that the country shares with its eastern neighbour, India.
The so-called "unkaboggable" star Vice Ganda won't adopt a child just for the sake of having someone take care of him in old age.
LAHORE -- Pakistan's top counter-terrorism agency has issued two alerts, warning about possible terror attacks by two Taliban suicide bombers at the Wagah and Ganda Singh borders with India around the Independence Day.
Vice Ganda, a popular gay comedian in the county, posted the hashtag #PrayForMannyPacquiao on his Twitter page, slamming him over the comments.
Rouch had, however, already produced a more radical work, Moi, un noir (1958), made in (a less acknowledged) collaboration with the Nigerian longshoreman Oumarou Ganda.