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Gandhism, Gandhiism

the principles of Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader, especially his advocacy of passive resistance and noncooperation to achieve social and political reforms. — Gandhist, Gandhiist, n.Candhian, adj.
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Another ideology is Gandhism, which is the collection of inspirations, principles, beliefs and philosophy of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (known as Mahatma Gandhi), who was a major political leader of the Indian independence movement.
The first special feature of Gandhism is that its philosophy helps those who have to keep what they have and to prevent those who have not from getting what they have a right to get.
Prachi's views on Gandhism "I hate Gandhi" can hit Gandhi followers terribly.
He was able to gain sympathy from both the urban and the rural masses through Gandhism.
The Congress is implementing the RSS agenda, wearing the mask of Gandhism.
Postcards for Gandhi not only offered artists the opportunity to voice their frustrations with the growing divisions in India but also allowed the public to participate in this large-scale demonstration in support of the fading principles of Gandhism.
The great Mahatma's words live on as believers and leaders adopt Gandhism in their daily lives.
So, yes, Gandhism helped to change America forever.
The war has polarised the European countries, and the Indians are fighting for independence, fostering the notion of Gandhism.
8) Gandhi, cited in Sharp, Politics 709, quoted from Nirmal Kumar Bose, Studies in Gandhism (Calcutta: Indian Associated Publishing Co.
Biko's friend-enemies are white liberals and Ambedkar's, Gandhism.
If indeed the benign outcome of the British raj was finally, after three centuries, India's liberation, democratization, and modernization, then, perhaps, the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58 was just a tragic misunderstanding, and perhaps even Gandhi and Gandhism were ultimately excessive, unnecessary?