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Noun1.Ganesa - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecyGanesa - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy; the god who removes obstacles
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Tenders are invited for Notice inviting tender for execution of work for repairs to rock cut ganesa rath at mamallapuram archaeological survey of india chennai sub circle chennai circle
See Ganesa Wegienka, Suzanne Havstad & Jennifer L.
He said Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Tanasak Patimapragorn called the group's work very impressive, while Saroja Vaidyanathan from New Delhi, founder of Ganesa Natyalaya dance school and bharatanatyam (a classical dance form) teacher, declared it the best 'Ramayana' in the festival
Queens of wisdom Sahar Saleem Ganesa Kyle Santos Vincente
She joined Ganesa Natyalaya Dance Institute and studied under Saroja Vaidyanathan.
Similarly, elephants were associated with the Hindu deity Ganesa, a mark of respect which, in combination with state protection afforded to the species, operates to curb the killing of elephants.
Cullen IV, Remington Elise Talbot, Ritika Bhakhri, Sachita Ganesa, Sarah Stanley, Scott Thomas Beals, Shanting Chen, Spencer Carter Moore, Spencer O'Brien Rooney, Stephanie Josephine Kalinowski, Tiffany Elizabeth Cowes, Victoria Barone Lanzarini, Vincent Joseph Virga, William Kin Chan, Zheng Zhang
The most famous of these events was of Ganesa drinking milk on September 21, 1995, with incidents reported across India (for the report see New York Times, September 22 1995 ("Does the God of Learning Drink Milk?
A work on dietetics and related subjects, composed sometime in the mid to late seventeenth century by Raghunatha Ganesa Navahasta, a prolific scholar also working in Marathi.
The myth of Ganesh (sometimes Ganesa, Ganesha, or Ganapati) is remarkable for its blend of comedy and tragedy.