gang plow

gang′ plow`

a combination of two or more plows in one frame.

Gang plow

A plow with more than one bottom.
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Cogan and his gang plow ahead in spite of the collusion of spies, lobbyists, a controversial talk show host and a whole boatload of other unsavory characters.
Gasoline capacity was 15 gallons and standard equipment included one 16-inch or 18-inch sulky, a 2-bottom 12- or 14-inch gangs plow, or a 2-disc gang plow.
No farm boy of 40 years ago ever helped administer anti-hog cholera serum to the hogs or black-leg vaccine to the calves or learned how to treat seed oats for smut or seed potatoes for scab, or how to hitch six horses to a gang plow.
Throughout their marriage, the couple worked in the fields together, she driving three horses on the sulky plow while he drove five on the gang plow.
Sprawling over 236 pages, the catalog offered every conceivable plow share, walking plow, sulky plow, gang plow, harrow, planter, stalk cutter, cultivator, drill, hay loader and wagon, in addition to a limited selection of products built by other manufacturers, including Adriance harvesting machinery and mowers, McDonald Bros.
That Model RX 14-inch 2-bottom Avery Tru-Draft gang plow was one of the most difficult parts of the project," he says.
I'm looking for information on this 52-bottom, 14-inch Cockshutt gang plow with a Case steam engine.
The cover of a 1917 Hapgood catalog carries a drawing of the prosperous-looking company president sitting on a Piasa Bird gang plow that's harnessed to two weird looking critters with large wings, a long pointed tail, four bird feet, a small head with antlers and an ugly, bearded, semi-human face.
The outfit not only proved a great (exhibition) attraction, but in actual field tests successfully pulled a gang plow and loads that would stall a 4-horse team.
Charlie Fenster, another museum codirector, says vintage equipment portrayed in the film includes a Krause one-way plow, a John Deere 10-bottom gang plow, a 3-row Oliver lister and a 1930s-era spring-tooth harrow, as well as a Cheney rod weeder and a vintage Sishc duckfoot cultivator manufactured in Torrington, Wyo.
Sometimes John creates part of an implement, then farms out the rest of the work, as with his red 2-bottom gang plow.
It was one of the first tractors built to replace four horses on a gang plow.