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1. Greek Mythology A Trojan boy of great beauty whom Zeus carried away to be his lover and to be cupbearer to the gods.
2. One of the four brightest satellites of Jupiter. Originally sighted by Galileo, it is the largest satellite in the solar system.

[Latin Ganymēdēs, from Greek Ganumēdēs.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) classical myth a beautiful Trojan youth who was abducted by Zeus to Olympus and made the cupbearer of the gods


(Celestial Objects) the brightest and largest of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter, and the largest in the solar system. Diameter: 5262 km; orbital radius: 1 070 000 km


(ˈgæn əˌmid)

1. a Trojan youth who was taken by Zeus to Olympus and made the cupbearer of the gods.
2. the largest moon of the planet Jupiter.
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Noun1.Ganymede - (Greek mythology) a Trojan boy who was so beautiful that Zeus carried him away to serve as cupbearer to the gods
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
2.Ganymede - the largest of Jupiter's satellitesGanymede - the largest of Jupiter's satellites


[ˈgænɪˌmiːd] nGanimede m
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Hence Ganymede is said 'to pour the wine to Zeus,' though the gods do not drink wine.
But Dardanus came to the coast of the mainland -- from him Erichthonius and thereafter Tros were sprung, and Ilus, and Assaracus, and godlike Ganymede, -- when he had left holy Samothrace in his many-benched ship.
But an eagle caught up Ganymede for Zeus because he vied with the immortals in beauty.
I don't believe Ganymede cried when the eagle carried him away, and perhaps deposited him on Jove's shoulder at the end.
They are of the stock that great Jove gave to Tros in payment for his son Ganymede, and are the finest that live and move under the sun.
Of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Calisto, only Europa is smaller than our own Moon, with the largest Ganymede having a diameter 50 per cent greater than the Moon.
D'une hauteur de 49 centimetres, la statuette en marbre blanc represente Ganymede, en compagnie d'un aigle.
Last year, data from the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed that Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, has an underground ocean that contains more water than Earth's, broadening the hunt for places in the solar system where life might be able to exist.
Her training ship docks at Ganymede for what is billed as both time off and a light duty assignment.
For three and a half years, JUICE will sweep around the giant planet, exploring its turbulent atmosphere, enormous magnetosphere, and tenuous set of dark rings, as well as studying its three largest icy moons - Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.
It's a substantial role and Rose O'Loughlin has great fun as both Rosalind and Ganymede, although her unveiling at the end, which just involves changing her shirt, is as obvious as Superman putting on his glasses and going "Ta-dah
On Sunday morning October 18th, Ganymede and Io will both be casting their tiny black shadows onto Jupiter's face from 10:42 to 12:08 Universal Time (6:42 to 8:08 a.