Gaol delivery

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(Law) See Jail delivery, under Jail.

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Powell, "Jury Trial at Gaol Delivery in the Late Middle Age: The Midland Circuit, 1400-1429," in Cockburn and Green, eds.
The loss of the northern gaol delivery records for all but the last years of Henry V's reign is unfortunate, for it renders impossible a precise assessment of the time within which the dissemination of this knowledge occurred.
Twice over they succeeded in parlaying justices of gaol delivery into remitting them to gaol until the charters in question were secured.
At gaol delivery sessions of 1355, for example, a Yorkshire milner taken for attempting to flee while on the road leading to the coast claimed that at the time of his abjuration he had been under age, and that he was even then of minor status.
More particularly, suspects sometimes queried the justices of gaol delivery about the nature of an offence alleged against them.
13) Several dozen northern suspects made use of these exceptions,(14) and while on occasion the justices ruled that they be remitted to prison while the records of earlier gaol delivery sessions or coroners' rolls mere tracked down for verification,(15) if accurate these pleas were universally accepted as legitimate.
If formal indictment was, indeed, used as a sanction in and of itself against persons who were perceived by local communities to be deserving of the distress involved in undergoing trial at sessions of gaol delivery, there seems little reason to doubt that jurors mere capable of using their discretion in other, equally subtle ways.
4) The gaol delivery rolls and files that form the basis of this paper cover the years an Edward III (1354-66) 49-50 Edward III (1375-76), 2-8 Richard II (1378-84), 12-20 Richard II (1388-98), 1-14 Henry IV (1400-12), 8-10 Henry V (1419-22), 1-38 Henry VI (1423-60).
Still another vehicle for the transmission of legal know-how may have been the very occasion of gaol delivery sessions.
63) Instances of release from northern sessions of gaol delivery sine die, that is, free of the obligation to return to court in respect of a charge, represent only a small number among indictments presented in those trials.
It is expected the case will be heard in the island's Court of General Gaol Delivery, which deals with the most serious crimes.
The case will now be referred up to the island's Court of General Gaol Delivery - the equivalent of the English crown court.