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or com·pact·er  (kəm-păk′tər, kŏm′păk′-)
An appliance that compresses trash for ease of disposal.


a machine that compacts something, esp rubbish


(kəmˈpæk tər, ˈkɒm pæk-)

an appliance that crushes and compresses trash into small convenient bundles.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Garbage compactor Hydraulic Operating System mounted on suitable chasis with TATA 1613 Truck
Vermin, trash accumulate in Hunts Point as residents of 61-unit building go five months without garbage compactor [NYDN]
The range includes a hook loader, garbage compactor, dumper placer, garbage tipper, knuckle boom crane, tanker and air-conditioned ambulance.
What the Sounds have started to find out is that when they encourage fans to recycle, the stadium's garbage compactor needs to be emptied less often, Sharon Smith, recycling coordinator for Metro Nashville Public Works, says.
60 Garbage Compactor Trucks, 12 Mini-Garbage Compactors, 5 Crane Trucks, 2 Fuel Trucks, 4 Transfer Stations, 2 Trailer Heads, 4 Water Trucks, 12 Tipper Trucks, and 4 Wheel Loaders are sought by the Government.
His job was to go from room to room, collect the trash, take it to the garbage compactor and then start all over again.
When we installed a garbage compactor, extra dumpsters, and a tow vehicle on the property, we reduced the frequency of garbage pickups, increasing convenience while significantly reducing costs.
A lot of them are based on urban legends--being buried alive, appliances that go mad and kill people, machines that are potentially dangerous, like the garbage compactor that killed a child or flattened a dog.
Meter Garbage Compactor On 16 Ton Chassis As Per Specification And Condition Enclosed In Tender File No.
We decided that the best answer to reducing our overall waste volume was the installation of a garbage compactor.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of Garbage Compactor of 7 Cubic Meter Capacity on TATA LPT 709 Ex2 Chassis Wheel Base- 3800 mm Complete unit with bin lifter, Ejector plate, Compacting system