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n, pl -men
(Professions) US a man whose job is to collect domestic refuse


(ˈgɑr bɪdʒˌmæn)

n., pl. -men.
a person employed to collect, haul away, and dispose of garbage.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.garbageman - someone employed to collect and dispose of refusegarbageman - someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse
hauler, haulier - a haulage contractor
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Chad Pregracke, founder and president of Living Lands & Waters, delivered a stirring keynote address in Saint Paul, and now he's receiving national attention on CNN as the "rivers' garbageman.
I had occasion on Thanksgiving Day to render thanks, to God rather than to Canada, for my having seen by far the loveliest (physically at least) garbageman I've yet known to work in Port au Port East.
The garbageman plunges a white-gloved hand into the filth, fishes out a slimy plastic bag and slings it into the red basket he's towing.
Though 46 people were excused for one reason or another - including a Coquille garbageman who warned that people's trash would not be collected were he to take two weeks off - the vast majority had never heard about the case, Frasier said.
Jake's own music heroes include the late, great Lux Interior, of the legendary US punk act, The Cramps - best known for their rockabillyinspired hits such as Garbageman and Goo Goo Muck and wearing tight leather catsuits.
A garbageman with a raging libido, prowling Lisbon's nighttime netherworld for anonymous sex.
Washington will play the embittered Troy, a onetime Negro League baseball player who has been reduced to being a garbageman.
Whether you're a television celebrity or a garbageman, we all relate to things the same way.
We make sure that the space that was occupied by the debris before is ready to be used again immediately, which sometimes means raking outside or sweeping indoor floors, and your garbageman won't do that.
apartment cookie elevator french fries garbageman hood (car) mail potato chips restroom sausages talk show
With regard to the diversity of compositional rules governing compound creation, Henderson (1985) gives an example of the word man, which enters into such compounds as headman, headhunter, milkman, garbageman, snowman, handyman, best man, or workman.
This is what the American legend said: "If I were a garbageman I'd be the world's greatest garbageman.