Garden stuff

vegetables raised in a garden.

See also: Garden

References in classic literature ?
His kindness was not confined to words; for within an hour after he left them, a large basket full of garden stuff and fruit arrived from the park, which was followed before the end of the day by a present of game.
In the open space between the forest and the city walls, quantities of garden stuff was growing, while before him at his feet, in an open man-made ditch, ran a stream of water
Hitherto he had been treated very much as if he had been a useful gnome or brownie-- a queer and unaccountable creature, who must necessarily be looked at with wondering curiosity and repulsion, and with whom one would be glad to make all greetings and bargains as brief as possible, but who must be dealt with in a propitiatory way, and occasionally have a present of pork or garden stuff to carry home with him, seeing that without him there was no getting the yarn woven.
We pay council tax for domestic services, which presumably covers having our household waste removed, including the garden stuff that is part of our household.
Golf, house and garden stuff, going out, eating, drinking, going into Birmingham looking for a suitable woman to take out.
NASDAQ:ERTS) announced today that The Sims[TM] 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff Pack, the latest stuff pack for the critically-acclaimed PC Game The Sims 2, will hit store shelves today.
So if, as expected, the city council unveils a three bin weekly collection, one for garden stuff, one for recyclables - glass, paper, plastic, tin - and a small one for everything else, it is most likely to meet with Mr Pickles' approval.
Customers are all looking for garden stuff, lawn fertilizer and seeds.
While they understood that their garden stuff either survived or perished depending upon their efforts, I imposed this rule:
Some of the best nurseries exhibit in the RHS Marquee and outside you can buy classy garden stuff.
The patio is where a lot of the important garden stuff happens.
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