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In Arthurian legend, a nephew of King Arthur and one of the Knights of the Round Table.


(ˈgær ɪθ)

a knight of the Round Table, nephew of King Arthur.
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When Sir Galihodin saw that, he bad Sir Gareth keep him, and Sir Gareth smote him to the earth.
It was some minutes before I came to, and then I opened my eyes just in time to see Sir Gareth fetch him an awful welt, and I uncon- sciously out with the prayer, "I hope to gracious he's killed
For a single instance, in his seventh book he does not satisfactorily explain why the valiant Gareth on his arrival at Arthur's court asks at first only for a year's food and drink.
HUMBLE Gareth Clark may not see himself as a hero but there are four people who certainly do.
CUE the rousing swell of music and the welcome grin of choir master Gareth Malone - this is about as uplifting as a show can get.
Gareth Willington, 59, had tried to prevent his 32-year-old son Daniel from being dragged into the sea after he is believed to have become tangled up in a rope.
GARETH BALE's dragon fire has not been extinguished by pressures elsewhere, insists his Wales manager Chris Coleman.
Mae cyflwynydd newydd, Gareth Rhys Owen, yn arwain rhaglen Clwb Rygbi, sy'n cael ei chynhyrchu gan BBC Cymru.
Gareth Crowe, 36, was gored and trampled to death on the tropical island of Ko Samui.
com featured an interview with the victims, Gareth and Lacy Long, who were forced to fatally shoot an intruder last Christmas.
com/2014/09/22/walking-dead-gareth-andrew-j-west-terminus/) Entertainment Weekly that this character Gareth is "very complicated and multidimensional.
embedded in Gareth and Lynette, the second poem in Tennyson's