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n.1.One who, or that which, garnishes.
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In fact, he says, the Department of Education is the nation's second-biggest garnisher of wages, after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)--although, given the financial crisis, Keys says the government has expanded some of its "pay what you can" programs and some financial-hardship options.
However, sometimes, which happens very rarely, I conjure up the egg image myself," the garnisher reveals.
Pro tools carry a five-year guarantee, and retails range from $8 for a small garnisher to $24 for a meat hammer/clever.
Real chef MICHAEL WHITE said: "She's a great garnisher.
Cutting Tools (Other Than Knives) begins on page 94 and specifies fruit and vegetable ballers or scoops, butter curlers, corers, and parers, grapefruit corers and French Fry Cutters, Fruit pitters, and garnishers, graters in several different designs as well as ice cream scoops and ice picks of many designs.