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a.1.Pertaining to, or resembling, garum.
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He then described a herd of fifty head purchased by cattle merchants in Gaya who crossed to the right bank of the Niger at night, mixing these with another forty head of cattle stationed at Garou in mid-January 1915.
While followers of the anime alone can only guess at what's in store for Saitama this second season, a rumor among longtime fans of the source material have pointed at a character named Garou to be a possible arch-nemesis to the mighty Saitama.
The spooked harmonies and death rattle of the title track, the itching wrath and bare bone rhythms of Loup Garou and the thunderbolt strafed, metal menace of Dionysus follow the same pulverising theme.
Loup Garou, named for the French legend of the werewolf, is one of the album's many stand-out tracks that explores male desire and excess.
Loup Garou, named for the French legend of the werewolf, is one of album's many stand-out tracks explores male desire and excess.
I remember Jeff Becker's formidable design for Loup Garou, an outdoor piece by New Orleans's Mondo Bizarro that explored the interconnectedness between land and culture in Louisiana in the face of massive land erosion.
Garou was the first to turn around, a move that soon encouraged the other judges to follow.
99 WolfCop 15 LEO Fafard plays Lou Garou, an unconventional lawmaker who transforms into a crazed werewolf by night in this kitschy comedy.
Gino soon learns that not only is he acting CEO of the family business, he is also the acting "don" of his father's "crime family" - a gang of criminals known in underground circles as "the Pack" - in keeping with his father's nickname Le Garou Grise (The Gray Wolf.
From France, Garou and Francis Cabrel and Phil Collins from England, who sings and plays drums like me.
Apres tout, [beaucoup moins que]Kahwa ou Garou, Khir M'soltane fi Daro[beaucoup plus grand que].
Jennifer Mieuli Jameson, founder of Loup Garou, a San Francisco group that rescues black and dark-colored companion animals, went to law school, so she understands that there are always two (and usually more) sides to a story.