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Noun1.gas heater - a heater that burns gas for heatgas heater - a heater that burns gas for heat  
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
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Contract notice: Maintenance of radiant gas heating installations - years 2018 to 2021.
14 July 2015 - UK-based gas heating and building services provider Bilby Plc (AIM: BILB.
Of single-family homes completed in 2013, 347,000--or 61%--were built with gas heating systems.
For older people these concerns may be compounded because they have to use oil or coal to heat their homes instead of cheaper and easier to manage gas heating.
Beginning with a general overview of infrared radiant gas heating, the site includes comparisons with forced air heating, and its up to 70% fuel savings.
The report makes worrying reading as the message still isn't getting home that carbon monoxide can be lethal," says Jim Lynch of Midlands-based Northern Gas Heating.
A council spokeswoman said: "We have been working closely with the HSE to improve systems for installation, servicing, maintenance of gas heating equipment.
Located just off Routes 80, 46, and 17, the building is situated within the Hackensack/ Teterboro industrial submarket of Bergen County and features ample parking, fire safety and security alarms, new gas heating systems, and three loading docks.
Laars Heating Systems Company, a Rochester-based manufacturer of residential and commercial gas heating systems, will be able to expand its operations and build more parking for employees now that the city has sold it a five-acre, hard-to-develop lot at the Ten Rod Road Industrial Park.
Applications include solvent replacement, fuel cell gas heating, biomass extraction, refrigeration systems, gas heating, humidity generation, bio reclamation, and food.
Mr Tufnell and Peugeot Ryton join Northern Gas Heating, of Dudley Road, Wolverhampton, on the Evening Telegraph's Roll of Honour, which celebrates people and companies who want to help raise pounds 20,000 for tsunami victims in just one night.
All the furnaces in the range, with the exception of the tower furnace, can be supplied with electric or gas heating.