Gas trap

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a drain trap; a sewer trap. See 4th Trap, 5.

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A more serious issue would be a gas trap where the flow fronts collapse with no opportunity to vent to the atmosphere, often due to "race tracking" of the melt front (see, for example, Figure 2).
Venting ribs, details, knit lines, and the parting line at any point where there is a gas trap is critical.
Fully defining the gas trap closures is an efficient approach in heightening the overall probability of success and must be completed before the initiation of drill site preparations.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Gas Trap Of Stator Water System Of Turbine Generator
Canberra-1 followed, testing a high risk but potentially high reward Permian sand stratigraphic gas trap, but hydrocarbons were not encountered.
Tenders are invited for providing road, drain, gas trap, compound wall, drive way etc for mounded bullets and tld at indane bottling plant , calicut
Contract awarded for Helium leak tested evacuable pressure vessel (3mm wall thickness) for storage of tritium gas traps made from aisi 304l with metal seal and bolted lid (diameter 373mm) having overall dimensions 311mm internal diameter, 612mm height.
However, if gas traps are located too close to a given volcano, they run the risk of helium being heavily diluted by volcanic gases such as carbon dioxide, just as we see in thermal springs from the region.
The gas traps heat in Earth's atmosphere, warming it up.
The new data has highlighted a number of conventional oil and gas traps plus the potential for large volumes of basin centred gas in the block.
Rubbish, he points out, is a big contributor to methane gas emissions, and methane gas traps heat in the atmosphere, warming the earth's surface.
The 1992 Rio Summit opened the world's eyes and ears to a growing concern about global climate change, which occurs when carbon dioxide gas traps heat in the atmosphere and raises temperatures worldwide.