Gas works

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a manufactory of gas, with all the machinery and appurtenances; a place where gas is generated for lighting cities.
- Raymond.

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I'm man-servant up at the Travellers' Twopenny in Gas Works Garding,' this thing explains.
The area was once known as Primrose Hill (Farm), but the arrival of industrialisation and the gas works 176 years ago onwards helped the local population to increase rapidly.
The common at the back of Hampden Street was huge, skirted by the gas works stream.
The 17-year-old victim was attacked on Gas Works Lane on the afternoon of Monday, March 10.
CITY residents who fear they have been made ill by a development on the contaminated site of a former gas works plan to take legal action.
WARWICK District Council has handed over the keys to the empty old gas works in the town, which is to be developed for new affordable housing.
The excavation in a car park off Forth Street, behind Newcastle Central Station, has uncovered the remains of a gas works dating from around 1830.
It was only when he talked about the excavation to family members that he discovered that his great-grandfather had worked at the gas works.
PLANS have been submitted to build houses on one of the first gas works in Wales.
announced today that Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), the nation's largest municipal gas utility, has subscribed to its EnergyBuyer Service.
The site of an old gas works in Solihull could be used to build 500 new homes.
The vixen crawled into the pipe at Granton Gas Works in Edinburgh but got stuck in a bend.