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n. gastrosquisis, hendidura en la pared abdominal debida a ruptura de la membrana amniótica.
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The couple launched a Facebook support group for other parents of children born with gastrochisis and are also planning a charity skydive to raise money for Alder Hey, who have treated Charlie.
Extracardiac anomalies associated with ectopia cordis reported in the literature include omphalocele, gastrochisis, cleft lip and palate, scollosis and central nervous system malformations.
Ectopia cordis may occur alone or in accompaniment with other congenital heart diseases, central nervous system disorders and disorders including ompholocele, gastrochisis and cleft lip-palate (5).
There is an increased incidence of gut abnormalities including omphalocaele, gastrochisis, duodenal stenosis and Hirschprung's disease.
Gastrochisis and omphalocoele: treatments and long term outcomes.
Gastrochisis repair is surgery that corrects a congenital defect in which all or part of the small intestine and other internal organs protrude outside of the abdomen.
John Price, 15, was born with gastrochisis, in which the intestines protrude through the wall of the abdomen.