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n.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the stomach and spleen; as, the gastrosplenic ligament.
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In addition, there is soft tissue inflammation involving the gastric fundus, gastrosplenic ligament, and gastrohepatic ligament.
Nakamura Y et al [6] observed left inferior phrenic artery arising from the gastrosplenic trunk.
However, in animals, there are reports showing dislocation of the entire stomach, gastrosplenic ligament, and spleen within the esophagus (1).
PSPH is defined as a pathological condition of splanchnic venous hypertension localized within the left-sided gastrosplenic region in pancreatic diseases.
Lesser omentum was cut closer to the liver and gastro phrenic, gastrosplenic ligaments were cut to release the stomach.
Present in approximately 10% of the population, accessory spleens arise from the fusion failure of the splenic anlage and reside in close proximity to the splenocolic and gastrosplenic ligaments.
For stomach related procedures (subtotal / total gasterctomy), stomach was mobilized by incising gastrosplenic omentum and left gastroepiploic vessels were identified.
The avascular area in gastrosplenic ligament was subsequently incised with ultracision and the lesser sac was opened.
Accessory spleens are usually located near the splenopancreatic or gastrosplenic ligament.
37%) cadavers, a gastrosplenic trunk with the common hepatic artery, originating at the superior mesenteric artery was observed (Fig.
It is covered by visceral peritoneum except at the hilum where the gastrosplenic omentum (carrying the splenic vessels) inserts.
During this migration, the spleen establishes its peritoneal connections with the left kidney and stomach through splenorenal and gastrosplenic ligaments.