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n.1.Plaster as used in Persian architecture and decorative art.
Gatch decoration
decoration in plaster often producing design of great beauty.
Gatch work
work in which gatch is employed; also, articles of gatch ornamentation collectively.
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Craft & Stratmann, 1996; Lamas, Negus, Gatch, & Mello, 1998) and locomotor activity assays (e.
Gatch, Jr, was named as Charge d'Affaires ad interim in 1971 and served for one year.
73km passage along gatch tracks and through the towering dunes of the UAE, Sunderland delivered another stunning performance on his factory Red Bull KTM 450 Rally and now holds an advantage of 3min 06.
Tammy Williamson, 41, from Kirkby, brought her teenage daughter, China, along with her to gatch a glimpse of the Disney Magic.
edu, Assistant Dean and Director, Indiana University Center for Interprofessional Health Education and Practice, and Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Indiana University Indianapolis, 591A Gatch Hall, Indianapolis, IN 46202.
In the newly created position, Thomson will report to George Gatch, CEO of J.
The businessmen from the UK, Iran, Afghanistan, Singapore, Hong Kong and others purchased low sulfur fuel oil, base oil, straight-run gasoline, hydrotreated diesel fuel, jet fuel, diesel fuel, gatch produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries.
If proper regular gatch work does not be done on the building, the structure will absorb the most amount of energy from the sun.
Nashoba Tech 169, Worcester Tech 199: Austin Gatch and Ryan Harding each shot 5-over 41s to lead the visiting Vikings (6-0) past the Eagles (0-4) at Green Hill.
In his new role based in New York at the firm's headquarters, Falcon will report to George Gatch, chief executive officer of JP Morgan Investment Management Americas.
15 14km east of Humeem ADNOC on Gatch Road, 1km south of SS4 finish*PC2 -- F 09.
Another board member who resigned, Suzanne Gatch, did not want to comment on the phone but had a copy of her resignation letter forwarded to The Register-Guard.