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a.1.Having no gate.
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We set down in a desert without the sinuous sands of the movies, in a camp, by the gateless Jericho.
loosing their long warnings before they reached the gateless crossings
Years ago, barely on two legs, Sam had managed to slip out the front door and stumble down the short path that led to the gateless border between the yard and the main road.
Totally reversible with a unique gateless design, it rapidly yet gently transports product so breakages or loss of flavours and coatings are minimised, while the risk of cross contamination and accumulation are eliminated.
Therefore, through-thickness embossing is essentially a gateless process, allowing production of discrete microparts without an unwanted gate attached.
Now, unwillingly caught up in the struggle against this ancient evil, Will must face a host of perils if he is ever to find the gateless gate that will take him home.
This dilemma of orders is made brutally evident in a well-known koan from The Gateless Gate (Mumonkan): "If you meet a man of Tao on the way, greet him neither with words nor with silence.
In addition, the company now uses gateless molding, a zero-waste process that eliminates flash, gates and runners.
Aitken, Robert, The Gateless Barrier, North Point Press, San Francisco, 1990, p.
One lot will then be driven off by one dog, leaving the rest to be penned in a diamond-shaped, gateless pen.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- A momentous manuscript in Buddhism, Mumonkan, the Gateless Gate, is being exhibited by the i4uuu Museum.