Gates of hell

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(Script.) See Gate, n., 4.

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They were sincere, for like a god he had stretched forth his mighty hand and closed the gates of hell against them.
So, also, did huge Hades, when this same man, the son of aegis-bearing Jove, hit him with an arrow even at the gates of hell, and hurt him badly.
WE know from the opening D-minor chord of the overture to this opera that the gates of hell will inevitably open for Don Giovanni.
Revolutionary Guards' deputy chief warned Iran would "open the gates of hell over the Zionist regime" and had the military power to destroy all American bases in the region.
The baby's grandfather Arthur Collins warned: "The gates of hell are open now.
They believe that during this period the gates of hell open, freeing the spirits of the dead to roam the earth and cause bad luck.
My travelling days are over - the gates at airports open as to the gates of hell now.
Okaz newspaper wrote under the title "The demonization of Congress opens the gates of hell on the largest country in the world' that the worst forms of double standards expressed by the US Senate in defiance of the world and beating international laws on walls by passing a draft bill that allows the families of victims of the events of September 11 to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the draft bill will change the international law existed for a long time with respect to sovereign immunity.
For me and many thousands of working families, five more years of Tory misrule would open the gates of Hell.
Escaping with their lives, the two embark on a journey from Vienna to Prague, Istanbul, and possibly even the gates of Hell, in search of answers about their own identity.
Indeed, we can now either walk through the gates of hell or act rationally and create a regional balance of power system in which Iran and Saudi Arabia anchor a wider set of relationships based on mutual collective self-interest rather than wasteful militarism.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The head of the Civic Democratic Alliance, Mithal al- Alusi described Maliki's word last night as implementation for his threats to open the gates of hell.