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a.1.Capable of being gathered or collected; deducible from premises.
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The model must primarily rely on data that is gatherable on nearly all assets while being supplemented by more detailed data.
Patented is a multi-layer composite sheet comprised of a shrinkable layer intermittently bonded to a gatherable layer with the bonds separated by a specified distance so that the shrinkable layer can shrink and at the same time gather the gatherable layer between the bonds.
From all that is gatherable from Milton's theology the Son was created.
Not to the central planners, certainly, but dispersed in each individual's mind, and gatherable only by dickering in the market.
Aux heures d'affluence pursues with urgency and impressive range the ever-combative and inter-weaving mission assumed and, in a series of eight texts, poemes et proses as the subtitle indicates, provides teeming evidence of Deguy's com-plex, com-pli-cating or interfolding vision of a world endlessly divided and differentiated yet gatherable, figurable within the resilient comme-unity of text, art, film, or some other axiomatique rosace, as he puts it.