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Noun1.Gathic - an ancient Iranian language
Iranian language, Iranian - the modern Persian language spoken in Iran
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Schwartz by reference to wordplay in the Gathas, in "How Zarathustra Generated the Gathic Corpus: Inner-textual and Intertextual Composition," Bulletin of the Asia Institute 16 (2002 [2006]): 53-64 [57] (also http://nes.
So one can say the concept in its originality is Gathic.
It is hoped that, by attempting the latter, some advance may be made in understanding what is and is not a valid way of interpreting particular Gathic passages.
Note also that the Gathic term vaepiia, commonly associated with Young Avestan vaepaiia- 'perform anal intercourse', is quite as likely to be derived from the same root vip- (see M.
46 the singer addresses several characters of the Gathic world by name, beginning with Zara[theta]ustra himself and continuing in stanza 15 with haecat.