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 (găt′lĭng), Richard Jordan 1818-1903.
American firearms inventor of the first rapid-firing gun (patented 1862).
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Noun1.Gatling - United States inventor of the first rapid firing gun (1818-1903)Gatling - United States inventor of the first rapid firing gun (1818-1903)
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He might fairly have been compared, in action, to a rapid-firing Gatling gun; while Smith was a hundred-ton cannon, and Lockwood was the maker of the ammunition.
Gatling joined with representatives of SCCL, the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina Christian Coalition, the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Lt.
Particularly in light of Denver's recent changes - since these teams last met, the Nuggets acquired Chris Gatling and Tariq Abdul-Wahad for Ron Mercer in a trade with Orlando.
Gatling, president and founder of Budget & Credit Counseling Services in New York City.
The yet-to-be announced title, which will be publisher by Nexon M, is Vanguard s next original project following the critically celebrated console and PC releases Greed Corp and Gatling Gears.
00pm) New series about military weaponry, beginning by tracing the evolution of the machine gun from its invention by Dr Richard Jordan Gatling.
America's A10 Thunderbolt II flies at treetop altitude and has a nose-mounted 30mm Gatling gun, spitting out 65 one and a half pound armour-piercing missiles or explosives every second from seven barrels.
Conditions in Jesse Floyd's abortion facility were allegedly so bad that eventually his own employees went to the news media to complain about grossly unsanitary conditions, SCCL Executive Director Holly Gatling told NRL News.
The Magic played with only nine healthy players, having traded Tariq Abdul-Wahad and Chris Gatling to Denver earlier in the day for Ron Mercer, Chauncey Billups and Johnny Taylor.
Luther Gatling, president of Budget and Consumer Counseling Service Inc.