Gauge point

the diameter of a cylinder whose altitude is one inch, and contents equal to that of a unit of a given measure; - a term used in gauging casks, etc.

See also: Gauge

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We picked the first arrival times of the impact-induced waves at each gauge point in the numerical models with quartzite and sandstone and plotted the time versus distance to the impact point in Fig.
Due to the usage of a cylindrically symmetric grid, the location of the gauge points had to deviate from the location of the sensors in the experiment to keep the distance to the impact point the same.
This point should be clear if one simply understands that the sphere center of the gauging spheres on a ball bar and the gauge point on a gauge block perform identical functions, i.
So, for the case of a straight beam with its gauge point offset from the neutral surface, [DELTA]L can be determined by measuring the vertical offset from the neutral surface and calculating the bending moment due to gravity.
Data Posts are scattered around the levels, each one increasing your Battle Gauge point total and revealing a chunk of the map.
Multiple deaths during these drawn-out slogs are common and, if you haven't accrued sufficient Battle Gauge points, you'll be sent back to the start of the chapter to do it again.
BSP pressure gauge point and a single or double pressure-relief screw-in cartridge for controlling the maximum pressure in the system.
Permanent electronic record of results, including date stamps of each gauge point
When the gauge points to green, it indicates the high or safest rating; yellow, the moderate rating; and red, the low and most dangerous rating as far as the traction abilities of the product.
Key economic gauge points to further slowdown in Japan's economy
The gauge finger design enables a variety of gauge points and positioning configurations to allow fast, programmed resetting of gauges for both taper and right-angle bends.
Elongation measures the distance between two gauge points before fracture during tension.