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Adj.1.Gauguinesque - in the manner of Paul Gauguin
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The singer, who lives in London, has lately concentrated on painting; his colorful Gauguinesque looks at island men have been exhibited in Europe.
To illustrate his point he photographed a young girl, Semilisi, placed luxuriantly in Gauguinesque pose on a bed 'in her native dress' (Fig.
vacillated between aggressive Neo-Impressionist modernity and Gauguinesque visual languor.
On the screen, a reclining Gauguinesque woman looks warily over a bare shoulder while tufted plants stretch toward the horizon as a hundred small fires.
These experiments of the '60s, articulating the female form, established Munuswamy s avant-gardism that was visually titillating, with echoes of Gauguinesque women.
As an escape, they interpret the cannibal isle as a Gauguinesque paradise and the "birth, copulation, and death" ritual as irresponsible flirting.
Many familiar works are here: the Gauguinesque Self-portrait with Cane and Straw Hat (c.
Far less reposeful is Andre Derain's Dance, where colours skirmish in an ultra-patterned, stage-set, Gauguinesque jungle.