Gauley River

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Gau·ley River

A river rising in central West Virginia and flowing about 170 km (105 mi) southwest to the Kanawha River.
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Over unruly rivers and hogbacks, the rectangular Gauley River National Recreation Area was placed like a stencil.
Racing down a steep decline toward the Gauley River of West Virginia, she clasped her hands tightly around the handlebars of her mountain bike.
Eight or nine years ago, my husband and I left the Florida Keys to come to West Virginia, where we essentially got paid to hike through the Gauley River National Recreation Area, including the Meadow River.
The Gauley River is internationally famous for its whitewater, contributing approximately $16 million in annual revenue to West Virginia from commercial rafting.
I recently spent a weekend in the mountains of my home state of West Virginia rafting one of the world's best whitewaters, the Gauley River.
Aaron's weightless smoke drifts upward and you imagine the wind blowing it safely downstream, over the hydraulics and around the undercuts, out of the Gauley River gorge, where it mixes with the blue sky.
18 per share, asset impairment charges related to Catamount's equity investments in Gauley River Power Partners LP and Heartlands Power Limited.
Late last year, the federal Office of Surface Mining (OSM) finalized a rule change that allows for stream destruction and fill during strip-mining operations, posing a threat to the Big South Fork National River, the Gauley River National Recreation Area, and the New River Gorge National River.
Catamount) announced today that it has closed on the sale of its 80-megawatt West Virginia hydro facility - the Summersville Hydro Project located on the Gauley River - to CHI Energy Inc.
This weekend package includes rafting down the New River on Saturday or a combination of the New River and/or Gauley River on Saturday and/or Sunday.
The 'Triple Crown' consists of a trio of dam-controlled rivers offering guided whitewater rafting adventures throughout the summer and into the early fall; the Dead River (Maine), the Gauley River (Virginia), and the Youghiogheny River (Pennsylvania).
The New River Gorge and Gauley River National Recreation Areas are both rugged, white-water river areas rich in cultural and natural history, containing an abundance of scenic and recreational opportunities.