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nor′mal curve′

a bell-shaped curve showing a particular distribution of probability over the values of a random variable.
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Noun1.Gaussian curve - a symmetrical curve representing the normal distribution
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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2]) and p(w|[alpha]) are both products of a Gaussian function.
We discovered that there is -- and, surprisingly, the variation in how branches are distributed in space can be described mathematically by something called a Gaussian function, which is also known as a bell curve.
Electrical engineers present their research results on the modal analysis of microelectromechanical systems using ultrasonic base excitation, decentralized fault detection in wireless sensor network based on Gaussian function error, the static behavior analytic and numerical analysis of micro-machined thermal accelerometers, a clamped-clamped beam resonator capacitive magnetometer based on a microelectromechanical system, extending the range for single hop wireless sensor networks with wake-up receivers, and a HW/SW implementation of FPGA of absolute robot localization using webcam data.
For each of the k range two quantizers are designed: 1) quantizer which provides the smallest quantization error or minimum distortion if the assumed distribution of the amplitude of the signal source is described by Laplacian function and 2) quantizer which provides the smallest quantization error when assumed distribution of sources is described by Gaussian function.
T] size is comparable with the exit slit, then it approaches a Gaussian function with a bandwidth broader than a.
Lindeberg [15] identified the Gaussian function as the only possible scale-space kernel under various reasonable assumptions.
This simply means that we build a 2D matrix of normalized pre-calculated Gaussian function values and use them as weights, and then do a weighted sum of all neighboring pixels in order to calculate each pixel's new (filtered) value.
Also it is studied the influence of activation function of such neural network on the prediction efficiency of software failures number and it is shown that Gaussian function is the best in terms of training speed while Inverse Multiquadric is the best in terms of prediction accuracy.
Specific Bata function was applied in the model to calculate the daily thermal effect and Gaussian function for photoperiodic effects.
In theory, the Gaussian function at every point on the image will be non-zero, meaning that all the pixels in the image affect the value of a single new pixel.
j] are respectively mean and standard deviation of the Gaussian function corresponding to the variable [V.
To the program was define the input and output variables and was establishing the general form of appertain functions: for the continuous tension injection, of cathodic protection, and for the pipeline--ground potential: Gaussian function (gaussmf), for injection continuous current and for defect severity %IR: triangular function (trimf).

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