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(Swedish ˈjɛːvlə)
(Placename) a port in E Sweden, on an inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia. Pop: 92 025 (2004 est)


(ˈyeɪv lɛ)

a seaport in E Sweden. 87,378.
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Gavle Real Estate and the Land Builders in Gvle will combine their activities at Kungsbck, where Gavle Real Estatehas its business today.
Under this process, the intention is that the business areas Sundsvall and Gavle, which now form the region North, will be merged with the region Stockholm, led by Anders Nilsson, managing director of the region.
Jerzy Sarnecki is a faculty member of Stockholm University and the University of Gavle in Sweden.
Hotels making more than 40% of the assigned property value are located in the Stockholm region, while the rest of them are situated in the Gavle, Karlstad and Lund cities where the buyer is already present, it explained.
Scientists at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain and the University of Gavle in Sweden have created an electronic nose with 32 sensors that can identify the odors given off by chopped samples of the fruits.
Every year, a giant traditional Christmas goat is erected in the central square in Gavle, 175 kilometres north of Stockholm, and almost every year it is burned down.
Gavle Energi will be the first utility company in Sweden to implement BFUS, having helped to develop and test the system with Logica over the last two years.
The police in Gavle got their geography confused and put him on a plane for Baghdad where he was slapped in jail on the assumption that he had falsely claimed Iraqi citizenship.
Gyorgy Horvath from the University of Gothenburg, and researchers from the University of Gavle and KTH Royal Institute of Technology conducted the study.
The university has received the green light for a two-year collaboration with Iowa, South Carolina and Sweden's Gavle University to investigate how to improve their practices so that students have the best chance of bagging a job in the digital and creative sectors.
Four cities applied for this country: Gavle, Lund, Umea and Uppsala.