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 (gə-wān′, gä′wān′, gou′ən, gä′wən)
In Arthurian legend, a nephew of King Arthur and a Knight of the Round Table.


(ˈgɑ wɪn, ˈgɔ-, gəˈweɪn)

a knight of the Round Table who was a nephew of King Arthur.
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Noun1.Gawain - (Arthurian legend) a nephew of Arthur and one of the knights of the Round TableGawain - (Arthurian legend) a nephew of Arthur and one of the knights of the Round Table
Arthurian legend - the legend of King Arthur and his court at Camelot
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He provides Arthur with a father, King Uther, makes of Arthur's wars against the Saxons only his youthful exploits, relates at length how Arthur conquered almost all of Western Europe, and adds to the earlier story the figures of Merlin, Guenevere, Modred, Gawain, Kay, and Bedivere.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' may very fittingly bring to a close our hasty survey of the entire Norman-French period, a period mainly of formation, which has left no literary work of great and permanent fame, but in which, after all, there were some sincere and talented writers, who have fallen into forgetfulness rather through the untoward accidents of time than from lack of genuine merit in themselves.
And when his neighbour, Sir Kay, arguing with Sir Percivale on current form, appealed to him to back up his statement that Sir Gawain, though a workman-like middle-weight, lacked the punch, he did not answer, though the subject was one on which he held strong views.
Sir Gawain, this Court would be greatly indebted to you if--'
Sir Gawain said he had strained a muscle at the last tournament.
While it's unclear why Gawain chooses to go against his Templar brothers one again, Delaney wishes that viewers would understand why his character does what he does.
Azerbaijani grandmaster Shahriyar Mammadyarov played for a draw with Jones Gawain from England in the 12th round of "Tata Steel Chess" tournament.
Carlsen downed English Gawain Jones while Giri trounced Mamedyarov in a pair of slam-bang duels.
FOR the past two years Clive Hicks-Jenkins has been making a series of fourteen screen prints based on the mystical medieval poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, using Simon Armitage's 2007 translation published by Faber & Faber.
Wala namang monopoly ang Ombudsman sa pag-imbestiga ng mga tamang gawain o maling gawain lamang.
MFrom helping his friend Gawain Rogers to meet his wife to constantly providing support to the couple - and also organising a surprise stag do for the groom in Prague, Dan Loughlin went the extra mile when it came to carrying out his duty.
IN 2002, Robert Blanch and Julian Wasserman, reviewing decades of criticism on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, wrote of a "sea change in the authorized vision of Camelot, with the general trend being more condemnatory readings of the court" (74).