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tr.v. de·famed, de·fam·ing, de·fames
1. To damage the reputation, character, or good name of (someone) by slander or libel. See Synonyms at malign.
2. Archaic To disgrace.

[Middle English defamen, from Old French defamer, from Medieval Latin dēfāmāre, alteration of Latin diffāmāre, to spread news of, slander : dis-, abroad, apart; see dis- + fāma, rumor, reputation; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

de·fam′er n.
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Noun1.defamer - one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libeldefamer - one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel
depreciator, detractor, disparager, knocker - one who disparages or belittles the worth of something
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Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, filed a suitcase against Gawker Media after it published parts of the sex video in 2012.
It is a look at the privacy battle between Gawker Media and Hulk Hogan, where the latter tried to subdue the former by outspending it in a court case.
Consumerist was originally part of the Gawker Media empire, and Joel Johnson was the founding editor who helped set the tone for its punk-rock, bottoms-up approach.
damages of $15 million against Gawker Media, $10 million against Denton,
a leading American media company, with respect to the Hungarian aspects of the $135 million acquisition of Gawker Media Groups digital media assets, following its filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy as a direct result of the Hulk Hogan invasion of privacy lawsuit.
has entered into an agreement to acquire digital media assets as part of the bankruptcy proceedings of Gawker Media Group, Inc.
Executive suite: At Gannett's USA Today Network, Michael Kuntz has been named senior vice president of digital revenue, a new role; previously, he'd been with Gawker Media (Gawker.
Author Veronese is a science writer whose work has appeared on web sites owned by Gawker Media and Alpha Brand Media.
It didn't happen," said Gawker Media founder Nick Denton, speaking at South by Southwest Interactive in 2012.
Between June and August 2013, the targets of unpaid interns' lawsuits included Conde Nast Publications, Warner Music Group, Gawker Media, Fox Entertainment Group, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Sony and Universal Music Group.
Tarantino filed a lawsuit against Gawker Media over the leak.
QUENTIN Tarantino has withdrawn his lawsuit against bosses at Gawker Media.