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 (gə-yä′, gī′ə)
A city of northeast India south of Patna. The surrounding area is sacred to Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims.


(ˈɡɑːjə; ˈɡaɪə)
(Placename) a city in NE India, in Bihar: Hindu place of pilgrimage and one of the holiest sites of Buddhism. Pop: 383 197 (2001)


(ˈgɑ yə, ˈgaɪ ə, gəˈyɑ)

a city in central Bihar, in NE India: Hindu center of pilgrimage. 246,778.
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And thus it was, O Fountain of Wisdom, that I decided to go to the Holy Places which His foot had trod - to the Birthplace, even to Kapila; then to Mahabodhi, which is Buddh Gaya - to the Monastery - to the Deer-park -to the place of His death.
Gaya (Bihar) [India], Mar 16 ( ANI ): A sub-inspector allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in Bihar's Gaya on Friday.
Pre Qualification: Cusb invites bids for the supply and installation of equipment for physics lab at gaya.
Singer-songwriter Gaya is just about ready to wear her heart on her sleeve.
R K Mathur, the owner of Top Travel and Tours, was quoted saying that this prestigious launch of Bodh Gaya Rooms will aid travelers with all of their requirements even before the commencement of the trip to Bodh Gaya.
Since both the brothers are fluent in Japanese, as they have worked as tourist guides in Gaya and elsewhere, nobody suspected anything in their village," Akhilesh Singh, station house officer ( SHO) of Fatehpur police station said.
Upon entering the site of Bodh Gaya today, one immediately notices international pilgrims chanting, listening to dharma talks, circumambulating, prostrating, and sitting in silent meditation.
The Bodh Gaya temple management committee (BTMC) and the district police have also arranged security measures in and around the Mahabodhi temple.
Es mas, Gaya reniega de las "disecciones" filosoficas que matan la vida del arte y de la critica de arte que quiere entender cosas que no "comprende".
Comverse Technology's acquisition of Gaya is expected to be effectuated as a stock-for-stock transaction, which will be accounted for as a pooling-of-interests.
Siddiqui was arrested by the Chhattisgarh Police for his suspected role in the Bodh Gaya and October 27, 2013 Patna blasts.
In her petition filed to the local Gaya district court, the victim Shilah Ikoben had requested the court to consider her appeal to release the man on the plea that she wants to marry him.