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 (gä′zē-än-tĕp′) Formerly Ain·tab (īn-tăb′)
A city of southern Turkey north of Aleppo, Syria. An ancient Hittite center, it was strategically important during the Crusades. The surrounding area is known for its textiles and pistachio nuts.


(Placename) a city in S Turkey: base for Ibrahim Pasha's campaign against the Turks (1839) and centre of Turkish resistance to French forces (1921). Pop: 1 004 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1921): Aintab


(ˌgɑ zi ɑnˈtɛp)

a city in S Turkey in Asia. 716,000. Formerly, Aintab.
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The battery, provided by the United States, is located outside the city of Gaziantep.
Iran has established expansive relations with Turkey (as a state) and we are also interested in the expansion of such ties with Turkish provinces," Governor-General of Iran's Western Kermanshah province Dadvash Hashemi said in a joint press conference with a visiting delegation from the Turkish Gaziantep province.
The family was going to a wedding in Gaziantep, south-east Turkey, when their car hit the van carrying people who had just visited an Islamic shrine.
7, 1997--Trans-Dominion Energy (TSE:TDE) Trans-Dominion Energy Corporation (TDE) reports the commencement of the deepening program for the Tut-1 well, located in the Gaziantep district of S.
Security forces in Gaziantep province arrested the foreign nationals, including children, who belong to four countries, Anadolu quoted sources from Gaziantep security department as saying.
The raid performed before the G-20 summit in the southeastern province of Gaziantep in October revealed that ISIL was planning on bombing several targets, including the summit, according to a report in the Cumhuriyet daily on Thursday.
Implementing agency : YURTKUR GAZIANTEP BEuLGE ME[pounds sterling]DE[pounds sterling]RLE[pounds sterling]GE[pounds sterling] DIGER EuZEL BE[pounds sterling]TEcELI KURULUSLAR YE[pounds sterling]KSEK EuGRENIM KREDI VE YURTLAR KURUMU GENEL ME[pounds sterling]DE[pounds sterling]RLE[pounds sterling]GE[pounds sterling],
Gaziantep anti-terrorist forces arrested 15 people who included a child and 11 foreigners, a statement by the city's mayor said without disclosing nationalities of the foreigners.
The third fair, held from May 22 to 25, 2008 in Gaziantep, drew over 53,000 visitors and 718 exhibitors from over 30 countries, Balamir noted.
Three more people have died in random fires during protests in Turkey's Southeastern province Gaziantep.
Summary: Authorities are moving hundreds of Syrian refugees from city of Gaziantep to camps, after three nights of violent protests by locals.
FORMER Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi has signed a one-year contract with second-division Turkish club Gaziantep Buyuksehir Belediyespor.