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 (fä′mə-go͞o′stə, făm′ə-)
A city of eastern Cyprus on the Bay of Famagusta, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. Famagusta was a refugee center for Christians after Acre fell to the Saracens (1291).


(Placename) a port in E Cyprus, on Famagusta Bay: became one of the richest cities in Christendom in the 14th century. Pop: 35 453 (2006)


(ˌfɑ məˈgu stə)

a seaport on the E coast of Cyprus, on an inlet of the Mediterranean. 42,500.
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The focus groups from the second school, Gazimagusa Turk Maarif College, consisted of adolescent girls aged 15-17 years.
Karatepe, Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Tourism, Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa, TRNC Via Mersin 10, Turkey.
The preliminary results indicate that the TRNC capital Lefkosa had 98,739 residents, Gazimagusa 69,273 residents, Girne 72,284 residents, Guzelyurt 31,254 residents and Iskele 23,356 residents.
These wells will be opened for the purpose of both oil and natural gas discoveries and drillings in Gazimagusa will contribute in a major way to (our understanding of the validity of) offshore drilling in northern Cyprus, said Yildiz.
The study population included the 1482 teachers who were working at the 98 schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and Culture in Lefkosa, Girne, Gazimagusa and Guzelyurt during the 2007-2008 academic year (www.
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KKTC/DRILL: Second phase of Sehit Caner GE[micro]nyeli Drill, which is scheduled to be conducted in the territorial waters of Gazimagusa in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus(KKTC).
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to: Umut Ayman, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Public Relations and Advertising Department, Gazimagusa, Turkey.