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A mechanism for changing from one gear to another in a transmission.



a lever for engaging and disengaging gears for a power-transmission system, esp. in a motor vehicle.
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Noun1.gearshift - a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gearsgearshift - a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears; "in Britain they call a gearshift a gear lever"
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
řadicí páka
mjenjač brzinepoluga mjenjača brzine
변속 레버
cần sốsự sang số


نَاقِلُ السُّرْعَة řadicí páka gearstang Schalthebel λεβιές ταχυτήτων, μοχλός ταχυτήτων palanca de cambio, palanca de cambios, palanca de marchas vaihdetanko levier de vitesses mjenjač brzine, poluga mjenjača brzine leva del cambio ギアシフト, ギアレバー 변속 레버 versnelling, versnellingspook girspak, girstang dźwignia zmiany biegów, zmiana biegu alavanca das mudanças, alavanca de câmbio, câmbio, mudança de velocidade рычаг коробки передач, рычаг переключения скоростей växelspak กระปุกเกียร์, คันเกียร์, ชุดคันเกียร์ vites kolu cần số, sự sang số 变速排档, 变速杆, 排档杆
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After that, from the first gear shift to the second gear shift, the ratio changes from direct gear shift to CVT.
Ford is issuing a safety compliance recall in North America for approximately 2,100 2017-18 Ford Taurus vehicles with a physical key and non-push button start for an issue where the ignition key could be removed when the gear shift is not in the park position.
Cleverly, VW tuck the camera away beneath the chrome boot badge/handle which lifts up when you put the gear shift into reverse.
In this paper, to overcome the above mentioned problems, a new six-speed robotized gearbox with a gear shift control strategy has been proposed for an electric city bus.
Cleverly, VW tucks the camera away beneath the chrome boot badge/handle which lifts up when you put the gear shift into reverse.
Based on the existing passion model, the new models add significant styling updates including Brabus badging, sports steering wheel, seats with dinamica inserts; handbrake and gear shift with a special logo and sports pedals.
In this paper, an optimization method is proposed to improve the efficiency of a transmission equipped electric vehicle (EV) by optimizing gear shift strategy.
To add further choice and value for customers, Suzuki has now introduced a new SZ2 derivative priced at PS6,999 that now completes a five model line up in the range consisting of SZ2, SZ3, SZ3 Dualjet, SZ4 and SZ4 with Auto Gear Shift (AGS).
This map is installed in the transmission control unit (for automated transmissions) or in the gear shift indicator device (for manual transmissions) in which it is obtained the inputs and the subsequent execution or indicated the gear shifting.
96 lakh, while the auto gear shift variants of the compact car are priced between Rs 4.
Launched in February 2014, the company sells a petrol and a CNG variant of the same car along with manual transmission variant and auto gear shift variant.
Suzuki has introduced two new derivatives to the range - the Dualjet and Auto Gear Shift models.