Geiger counter

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Gei·ger counter

An instrument that detects and measures the intensity of radiation, such as particles from radioactive material, consisting of a Geiger tube and associated electronic equipment. Also called Geiger-Müller counter.

[After Hans Wilhelm Geiger (1882-1945), German physicist.]

Geiger counter

(ˈɡaɪɡəˈmʊlə) or

Geiger-Müller counter

(General Physics) an instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity of ionizing radiation. It consists of a gas-filled tube containing a fine wire anode along the axis of a cylindrical cathode with a potential difference of several hundred volts. Any particle or photon which ionizes any number of gas molecules in the tube causes a discharge which is registered by electronic equipment. The magnitude of the discharge does not depend upon the nature or the energy of the ionizing particle. Compare proportional counter
[C20: named after Hans Geiger and W. Müller, 20th-century German physicist]

Gei′ger count`er

(ˈgaɪ gər)
an instrument for detecting ionizing radiations, used chiefly to measure radioactivity. Also called Gei′ger-Mül′ler count`er (ˈmyu lər, ˈmʌl-)
[1920–25; after H. Geiger (1882–1947), German physicist]

Geiger counter

An electronic instrument that detects and measures nuclear radiation, such as x-rays or gamma rays. The Geiger counter consists of a gas-filled tube with an electrode connected to a counter. As radiation passes through the gas, ions are produced, making pulses of electric current that are registered by the counter.

geiger counter

A device for measuring radioactivity.
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Noun1.geiger counter - counter tube that detects ionizing radiationsGeiger counter - counter tube that detects ionizing radiations
counter tube - a measuring instrument for counting individual ionizing events
Geiger tube, Geiger-Muller tube - an ionization chamber contained in a tube in a Geiger counter

Geiger counter

[ˈgaɪgəˌkaʊntəʳ] Ncontador m Geiger

Geiger counter

Geiger counter

[ˈgaɪgəˌkaʊntəʳ] n(contatore m) geiger m inv
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