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n.1.(Chem.) See Humin.
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Descanse en paz el gran cineasta Tobe Hooper, que increiblemente muere el mismo dia (veintisiete de agosto) que nacio el asesino Edward Gein (veintisiete de agosto, pero de mil novecientos seis).
To the good folk of Plainfield, a village in Waushara County, Wisconsin, Ed Gein was mostly a figure who inspired pity.
My project on Ed Gein was and still will be (titled) "Digging Up the Past.
Obsessively devoted to his mother until her death in 1945, Gein never left home or dated women.
Alfred Hitchcock Anthony Hopkins Alma Reville Helen Mirren Janet Leigh Scarlett Johansson Peggy Robertson Toni Collette Whitfield Cook Danny Huston Vera Miles Jessica Biel Lew Wasserman Michael Stuhlbarg Anthony Perkins James D'Arcy Ed Gein Michael Wincott Geoffrey Shurlock Kurtwood Smith Barney Balaban Richard Portnow
o tambien esta el caso de Ed Gein quien, como un moderno dr.
En otra esquina se halla un destartalado tapanco que simula la casa de Ed Gein --modelo parcial de "Buffalo Bill", el demente al que la agente especial Starling se encarga de dar caza en 7-be silence of the lambs-- y del que cuelgan vaginas de caucho y retazos cosidos de dizque piel humana.
Luce identifies possible historical sources of McCarthy's inspiration for Child of God's protagonist, Lester Ballard, including Ed Gein, the Wisconsin serial killer whose exploits garnered popular attention in the 1950s, and a less publicized case in North Georgia in 1963 involving James Melvin Blevins.
Like serial killer Ed Gein (who inspired Psycho [1959] and Silence of the Lambs [1988]) or Jack the Ripper (who inspired The Lodger [1913], Murder by Decree [1979], and Time After Time [1979], among many others), Scarface Al has remained a fascination long after he deserved being remembered.
One would be Ed Gein because of the stuff he did with the body parts, using them as lamp shades and shit.
While psycho horror films may be metonymic of real crime, beginning with the case of Ed Gein, they also refer to mutative changes in the norm that were first identified in the lab space of modern war.
Hay que recordar que Ed Gein, otro asesino, fue tambien inspiracion de 3 peliculas de horror de primer rango (Jones 2005: 134, 157; Bell, Beardsley s.